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uBiome T Shirt

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Founders: Jessica Richman, Zachary Apte, Will Ludington

Industry: Biotechnology

Year Founded: 2012

uBiome was founded by Jessica Richman, Zachary Apte, and Will Ludington who were scientists in the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences. n November 2012, uBiome generated $350,000 through a crowdfunding campaign. The founders received mentoring and funding from Y Combinator and further funding from Andreessen Horowitz and 8VC.

uBiome was a biotechnology company based in San Francisco that has developed technology to sequence the human microbiomes. As of 2015, the company first amplifies a portion of the bacterial gene that encodes 16S ribosomal RNA using PCR, then sequences the amplified 16S ribosomal RNA gene, in order to categorize the bacteria at the genus level. The company has proprietary machine learning algorithms that analyze the sequence data and compare it with the company's proprietary database of microbiomes, built from the samples that partners and single customers send to them, and web-based software that allows individuals to view their microbiome and make certain comparisons. A 2014 report in Xconomy said the company outsources the sequencing. The sequencing is done on the Illumina NextSeq500 sequencer.

The company filed for bankruptcy on September 4, 2019 in Delaware (case number 19-11938). In an affidavit filed contemporaneously with the bankruptcy petition, Curtis Solsvig, III the acting CEO stated that the bankruptcy action was taken to allow the company to reorganize amidst "investigations by certain federal and state investigatory bodies.

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